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Cannabis Card Sacramento

Testimonials -

"Recently finding out i had testicular cancer, my girlfriend had suggested that I look into Medical Marijuana. When I made the decision to get a Sacramento California medical marijuana card, I had only wondered if this sort of thing was going to be confidential and legitimate. The staff was very friendly and held all my paperwork very private! Thank you Cannabis Cards Sacramento, you guys are awesome!"

Dan P. - Rocklin C.A.


"Going through you guys was the best idea ive had in my movement to "leagalize" myself in the medical marijuana industry. i have gone to other clinics before and the process was so long and drawn out i just said "the heck with it". If you are looking for a medical marijuana id card then i suggest going to cannabis cards of sacramento and talking to the staff. The process to get a cannabis card at cannabis cards of sacramento is fast and painless."  

Bryce D. Sacramento C.A.


“The staff at cannabis cards of sacramento are amazing, when i go in there to get my renewals they help with making it as fst as possible!" Really thanks cannabis cards of sacramento

Stephanie L. Stockton C.A.

"If there was anything i could do to make life better for everyone at cannabis cards of sacramento i would!  They really go out of there way to be nice, fast and friendly. The referral and registration process and even helped me send my paperwork for registration off to the state.  I had been experiencing severe debilitating back pain for years, with prescriptions for every kind of opiate known to man. Marijuana is the only thing that helps. 

 Lori G. Sacramento C.A.